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Doctor and Patient

Our Services

We offer a variety of healthcare services as a primary care practice. See below for more details.

Preventive care and wellness

Preventive care

Small changes, over time, have a big impact on health. Knowing what has the biggest impact on your quality of life can be a difficult question. We can help you reach your healthcare goals.



We draw labs at home or wherever we see you. No need to leave the house again with a separate order. You may also qualify for imaging at home.

Wheelchair accessible

Appropriate care

Age is just a number!  Everyone has unique challenges in life, and we engrain this idea in our practice. Surprise surprise -cookie cutter medicine doesn't work for most people.

Acute illness

Acute illness

Infections, illness exacerbations, don't know what the heck that is? We got you covered.  We can see you in person, via telehealth, or help over the phone.

Complex conditions

Complex Conditions

One aspect of Geriatrics is the study of how multiple chronic and acute conditions overlap and affect health outcomes.  Understanding complexity is our bread and butter.

Holistic care

Holistic Care

What can we do to help you live your best life? We put health care in context with everything else that makes you - you. Your beliefs, motivations, goals, environment and support system are all part of you.  You aren't just a diagnosis list, and we won't treat you like one.

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