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What is

Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is a type of healthcare model that provides personalized and comprehensive medical care to patients. In this model, patients pay a fee or retainer their physician in exchange for enhanced access to medical services, longer appointment times, and more personalized care. This approach allows patients to build a closer with their doctor and receive more individualized attention.

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What does that mean?

Call your doctor directly, text, email, and enjoy fast turnaround time on the patient portal.  

Want to see us often? Great! Don't want to see us often? No problem. We will only see you when a physical exam is medically necessary to make a decision.

  • Discuss results when they are available rather then scheduling a visit for results discussions.

  • Receive treatment for acute issues right away, such as UTIs or upper respiratory illnesses.

  • Get answers to medical questions and health counseling whenever you need it.


At NABR Health, we have seen how hard it is to engage with providers. Care is delivered on the health system's terms, not the patient's. Long waits for visits, short visits, and mucking through automated phone trees to talk to support staff (since you can never talk directly to the provider).


Our mission is to provide the same standard of care that we would want for our own family. This means easy access to providers without jumping through hoops, timely appointments, and communication on your terms. This means taking the time to explain what is going on and why we make the recommendations we make.  We are here to guide and educate, not to tell you what to do.


How much does it cost?

Concierge services for patients with no insurance or private insurance is $250 per month. No minimum engagement and cancel any time. This fee allows us to offer direct access to your provider during and after business hours as well as manage your care without the need for an office visit.

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